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Extra Awards



Get more from life. Get Extra Awards

We’re excited about our Extra Awards Program.  Earn points every time your use your ECFCU Credit Card.  Plus, you can enroll your ECFCU VISA Debit Card in our Extra Awards Program and earn points each time you sign for a purchase.  Build up your points and then redeem them through our online Awards Catalog.

You can redeem your points for:

  • Cash – It’s everyone favorite.  Spend it anywhere you like.
  • Gift Certificates – Shop till you drop at a retail stores, restaurants, entertainment and more.
  • Travel – Around the world or around the corner, our catalog has it all!

Watch your points accumulate by combining the points earned on your ECFCU VISA Credit Card and Debit Card.

Apply for Extra Awards Click Here

To view the Awards Catalog, Register or Redeem Points Click Here ****Please note our awards platform has changed, you will need to register and create a new account, your old credentials will not work. Your awards points have been carried over to the new platform****