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AudRe’ (Audio Response System)

AudRe’ is efficient!

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Saves Waiting in Line
  • Saves Overdrafts of Checks
  • Confirms Deposits
  • Confirms Withdrawals

But, Most Importantly, AudRe’ is Free!

All you need to access AudRe’ is your account number(s) and a Personal

Identification Number (PIN), which you select. Choose a number that is easy for you to remember and KEEP IT CONFIDENTIAL. We recommend that you not use your birthday or the last four digits of your phone number, as they are too predictable.

AudRe’ makes telephone banking a breeze and this service is FREE! Get your account information 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Transfer between accounts, get account balances, make inquiries, check requests, even get rate information all by simply using your phone.

AudRe’ Direct Access to Your Accounts
24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

What is AudRe’?

AudRe’ is our audio response telephone system that makes it convenient and simple for you to contact the credit union and gain access to your accounts. And, with your Personal Identification Number (PIN), it’s totally confidential.

How Does AudRe’ Work?

All you need is a Touch-Tone phone to get balances, make transfers, withdraw from you account, calculate loan payments or get current dividend and loan rates.

AudRe’ does the rest. You are verbally guided through each transaction so you’ll never get lost!

AudRe’is easy to use!

For account access, just follow these easy steps:

  • Call AudRe’ at Enfield Community Federal Union 860-253-5100
  • Enter your Account Number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Press I for Account Balance and Account History
  • Press 2 to perforrm Transfers or Withdrawals
  • Press 3 to calculate a loan payment
  • Press 4 to change your PIN, change accounts, list all loans, or place a Stop Payment
  • Press 5 for current dividend and
    loan rates.

The table below contains the suffix ranges for the various account options.

  • Regular Shares – 001
  • Shares II – 002
  • Christmas Club – 003
  • Vacations – 004
  • Share Draft Checking – 010
  • IRA Shares – 013
  • Roth IRA Shares – 014
  • Education IRA Shares – 015
  • Regular Loans – 020-029
  • Mortgages/Home Equity – 030-039
  • Certificates – 060-069
  • IRA Certificates 70-79

Refer to your statement for your specific account suffix numbers.

Member Service Menu

Enter your Account Number
Enter your PIN

1 – Account Balance & History

1 – Current Balances

1-Savings Balance
2-Draft Balance
3-LOC Balance
4-Balance any Suffix
5-List All Loans

2 – History of Deposits

1-Direct Dep-Savings
2-AII Dep – Savings
3-Direct Dep-Draft
4-AII Dep- Draft
5-AII Dep-Any Suffix

3 – History of Withdrawals

2-ATM WID-Savings
3-ATM WID-Draft
4-ACH WID-Savings
5-ACH WID-Draft
6-ALL WID-Any Suffix

4 – YTD Dividend & Interest

1-YTD Dividend-Savings
2-YTD Dividend-Draft
3- YTD Interest-LOC Loan
4- YTD Divllnt Any Suffix

5 – Cleared Draft Inquiry

1-Draft Withdrawals
2-Single Cleared Draft

6 – List All Loans
7 – Complete Account History


2 – Perform Transfers & Withdrawals

1 – Perform Transfers

1-Savings to Draft
2-Draft to Savings
3-LOC Advance to Draft
4-Transfers Between Suffixes
5-Transfers To Another Account

2 – Check Withdrawals

1-Check WID from Savings
2-Check WID from Draft
3-Check WID from Any Suffix
4-Enter a Stop Payment

3 – Calculate Loan Payment

4 – Special Services

1-Change PIN
2-Change Account
3-List All Loans
4-Enter Stop Payments

5 – Current Interest & Dividend Rates