Child & Teen Account Information

Monty Moose Account
Our Monty Moose Account is for children ages birth 10 years old. Opening a savings account for your child will teach them important money management skills that will last a lifetime. ECFCU makes it fun to learn to earn. Your child will learn where their money is kept, the benefits of saving, what interest is and making deposits and withdrawals.

With a Monty Moose Account they'll get:

  • $5.00 into their account from ECFCU!
  • Welcome Kit: pencil, sticker, eraser and more
  • Quarter Saver
  • Birthday Card
  • Monty Time Newsletter
  • Monty Dollars that they can spend on toys
    at the ECFCU Monty Corner



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monty Check out these informative financial web sites and/or games for kids!

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Teen Scene Account
Our Teen Scene Account is for youth who are 11 - 17 years old. Your teen will learn valuable money management skills by having their own account. They will learn to manage their finances as their life evolves from getting their first job, to buying a car, to starting college. At ECFCU we are here to assist our young members and their parents/guardians with any financial decision-making. We are committed to educating our members about the beneficial services available to them.


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With a Teen Scene Account they'll get:

  • $5.00 into their account from ECFCU!
  • FREE Checking (Share Draft) Account*
  • Visa Debit (Check) Card with Visa Extra Awards Program
  • Opportunity for our Annual $500 Scholarship**
  • Teen Scene Newsletter 

*The Checking (Share Draft) Account must have a parent co-signer.
**Members must apply for the scholarship. Contact us for more information.


 Check out these informative financial web sites and/or games for teens!


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