Money Market
If you're looking for a higher yield savings account, you'll love our Money Market Account. Deposits can be made anytime, by direct deposit, payroll deduction, in person, or by mail!

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Money Market Account Benefits:

  • Maximize Your Earning Potential - The more you save, the more you earn!
  • Cash When You Need It - Unlike IRAs or Certificates, you can withdraw* your funds anytime, up to 5 times each month!
  • Security - All funds are federally insured up to $250,000 through NCUA.

*Minimum withdrawal is $500.

Open your membership at ECFCU with a minimum deposit of $20.00 into your Share Savings Account. Dividends are paid quarterly on the average daily balance. You can make unlimited deposits, withdrawals or transfers in person, by mail, Direct Deposit, or Payroll Deduction.

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ECFCU offers a variety of Share Draft/Checking options. All can be accessed with the ECFCU VISA Debit (Check) Card; and all have no per check or deposit fees. Overdraft protection from your savings is available on all share draft/checking accounts.



Credit Union (CU) ExclusivePLUS
If you have Share Draft checking with direct deposit, and either our
VISA Credit Card or VISA Debit (Check) Card, you can enjoy:
  • Free Online Bill Pay
  • Free Checking
  • Take and additional 1/4% off our loan rates
  • (excludes VISA, HELOCs, mortgages and current ECFCU loans)
  • 10 Free ATM withdrawals from foreign ATMs
    (machines other than ours)
Credit Union (CU) Exclusive
If you have Direct Deposit of your paycheck, Social Security or
other regular check, you can enjoy:
  • Free Checking
  • Free withdrawals from the ECFCU on-site ATM
  • No Minimum Balance required
Regular Checking
  • No fees if a $100 balance is maintained
  • If balance falls below $100, a one-time monthly fee of $5.00 is assessed
  • Free withdrawals from the ECFCU on-site ATM
Senior Checking
  • No minimum balance required
  • 3 free teller checks per day
  • And more benefits
Teen Scene Checking (Ages 11-17)
  • Free share draft/checking account (parent co-signer)
  • Visa Check (Debit) Card
  • And more benefits


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Visa Check (Debit) Card
The convenience and ease of an ATM card, but more. Use your VISA Debit (Check) Card at ATM's for cash withdrawals and anywhere the VISA logo is displayed for your purchases. They are deducted right from your share draft/checking account. No need to carry your checkbook with you when you shop. You can also benefit from participating in our Visa Extra Awards program. To enroll in this program download an application, fill it out and bring it to the credit union or speak to one of our staff for more information.

VISA Extra Awards Program

  • Each time you use your card for a signed purchase, earn points that can be redeemed for gifts, travel and more.
  • In addition, points earned on your debit card can be combined with points earned on your credit card.

You can view your point's statement online allowing you to track your point accumulation at any time; and view the variety of gifts and travel opportunities available.

View the Extra Awards web site now!


         visa logo

                       SAFE. SECURE. VISA.



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Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction
At the ECFCU you can conveniently have your paycheck direct deposited into your account as well as have a portion of your paycheck deducted into the account(s) you choose.


Club Savings Accounts
Vacation, Holiday or Fuel Club Accounts allow members to set aside funds for a specific purpose such as a dream vacation, holiday expenses or today's rising fuel costs. Dividends are paid quarterly on the average daily balance. Deposit through payroll deduction, by mail or in person as often as you like. Withdraw your funds when it's best for you.


Share Term Certificates
Share Term Certificates offer a higher dividend rate, as you invest your money in a certificate for a fixed term period. Certificate terms range from six months to five years. A minimum of $1,000 is required to open a certificate. Once the certificate is opened, no additional deposits can be added.





Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)/IRA Certificates
To help you with your retirement dollars, we offer a variety of IRA plans. A regular IRA accumulator account allows you to make contributions throughout the year. An IRA Certificate is a Share Term Certificate with a fixed rate and fixed term. Special eligibility rules related to earned income, total income and tax deductibility of contributions vary depending on the individual.


Roth IRA
The Roth IRA is funded with after tax contributions; therefore it is not tax deductible. However, withdrawals of earnings
may be tax-free. Special rules apply to Roth IRAs also.

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Member owned. Community focused.
Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government - NCUA National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency
NCUA insured up to $250,000
Equal Housing Lender - We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and Equal Credit Opportunity Act